Breaking Into Banking


October 1, 2020 through December 30, 2021

Advance Registration Deadline: December 30, 2021


The DBA is pleased to offer two new online videos in Keusal Learning's "Breaking into Banking" series. Breaking into Banking 101: Fundamentals of Commercial Banking; and, Breaking into Banking 201: Analyzing Repayment Sources. Breaking into Banking 101 contains 10 learning modules, over 5 hours in total content. Breaking into Banking 201's nine modules covers topics including how to analyze income statements, balance sheets, collateral, and risk rating. Each module includes a video lesson and a multiple-choice self-check. Many of the lessons include exercises for learners to work through that are related to a sample company outlined in the course’s Reference Guide (pdf). This course is appropriate for credit analysts, lenders, portfolio managers, and others who need skills in financial statement analysis and writing credit documents.

• Breaking into Banking 101 (all prices annually) – Single $697; Up to 50 Users - $2997; Up to 500 Users - $6997

• Breaking into Banking 201 (all prices annually) – Single $497; Up to 50 Users - $1997; Up to 500 Users - $4997

• Bundle Both & Save (all prices annually): Single $997; Up to 50 Users - $3997; Up to 500 Users - $9997

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Breaking Into Banking 101 Commercial banking can be intimidating because of its complexity and the risk-oriented nature of the work. This course is a clear and thorough introduction to the key concepts, terminology, and processes involved in credit and lending. It doesnt assume much prior knowledge of the topic, so its ideal for those in their first year in the industry. Learners will walk away with a clear understanding of their job and how their specific role fits into the banks overall profitability goals.
Breaking Into Banking 201 This 9-module online course is a sequel to the 101 course and is best taken after completion of that course, though it is not a prerequisite. The 201 course dives deeper into topics covered in modules 4, 6, and 8 of the 101 course: analyzing a borrowers balance sheet, income statement, collateral, and risk ratings.
Breaking Into Banking 101 & 102 Bundle Both and Save! Course descriptions above.


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