Breaking Bad Writing Habits with Linda Comerford


May 14, 2024
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Breaking Bad Writing Habits - May 14, 2024 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Bad habits—everyone has them.  But unlike biting fingernails or a leaving cap off the toothpaste, bad writing and communication habits can be especially problematic in the business world.  Why?  Because those writing, speaking, and interpersonal communication habits are seen and heard by so many others, often daily.  The result is that aware of it or not, everyone develops a communication reputation.  

Have you ever considered what your bad habits are and how they influence the perception of you they convey?  This new course will provide a safe environment for you to explore those habits and create strategies to help you replace them with good ones.  A starting point for that is to ask yourself the following questions: Would you like to receive writing from you?  Attend meetings with you?  Listen to a presentation of yours?  Engage in conversations with you?  Have a challenging conversation with you?  This interactive workshop will help you flip bad habits into good ones by practicing with your classmates who are likely to have similar ones.  

Workplace Applications:  Participants will identify their bad writing, speaking, and interpersonal communication habits; develop good habits to develop impressive communication reputations; strategize ways to flip the bad to good; and practice those new techniques with each other.  They will return to their court units capitalizing on their new communication habits from the workshop to the workplace and beyond!

Join Linda Comerford, Comerford Consulting for this valuable on-line course via Zoom, May 14, 2024: 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Just $99 per person for DBA members/$149 per person for non-members.

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